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Uruguayan wine now available in Australia

Exclusive Vines and Bodega Garzon are excited to announce that we now have available wines from Uruguay in Australia. Hailing from a country with only 3 million people who consume most of the domestic production of wine, we are lucky to get in this special wine.

Bodega Garzón is located in Uruguay’s eastern most vineyard region of Maldonado, 18km from the Atlantic coast and close to the historic towns of Garzón and Jose Ignacio. Italian oenologist Alberto Antonini is at the helm of the Bodega Garzón winemaking team and believes that the region as the potential to make world class wines, especially with the Tannat and Albariño varietals.

It shares climatic similarities with Bordeaux in South West France and Galicia in North West Spain and benefits from maritime influences and the unique stony soil of the region’s ballast hills. Bodega Garzón’s vineyard is made up of 1000 individual blocks all planted with distinct row angles, trellising, varieties and clones in order to highlight the differences in terroir within the vineyard. The red grape variety Tannat was introduced by 19th century Basque settlers and is known for its black fruit characters and supple tannins. White variety Albariño has come from Spain’s Galicia region and is rapidly becoming the star white variety for the country. World-class extra virgin olive oil from the Bodega Garzón estate is also due to be available in Australia shortly. Colinas de Garzón olive oil was recently ranked as number 35 in the top 100 olive oils from around the world by the international organisation ‘World’s Best Olive Oils’.

For more information about Bodgea Garzon in Australia or Uruguay in general please contact Michelle Parmentier

Exclusive Vines is proud to be bringing Pinot Grigio, Albarino and Tannat.


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