Bodega Garzon Tannat 2013 – Reviewed by

Bodega Garzon Tannat 2013

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Great to see a review of Bodega Garzon and in particular the Bodega Garzon Tannat 2013 on the site. The review explains superstar Italian oenologist Alberto Antonini philosophy behind his winemaking at the project.

The review highlights what Antonini describes as the ‘energy’ of the ocean cooled site. Stating “I could see what he meant but it does not fully convey the cool, dry elegance of the Bodega Garzón Tannat 2013 . This variety is renowned for its firm tannins, especially in its French homeland of Madiran in south-west France. In this wine they are definite but very finely textured, marrying so well with lightly fragrant dark fruit flavours.”

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